In recent years the Engineering Office Lutat Ltd. has been specializing in somewhat unusual projects.

Having started out as Baltic-Submarine Ltd. (, which is concerned with the development of tourist submarines, we are now mainly focusing on the realization of innovative and creative ideas and prototypes.

There is a network of freelance and part-time engineers, technicians and experienced craftsmen available for the realization of these unusual ideas

We have proved in many projects that we have extensive experience as well as the patience and flexibility which is required until a project can finally be realized. But unfortunately we cannot particularize on every project or client for reasons of discretion.

We are looking forward to extraordinary tasks. As for the scope of a project, it only plays a subordinate role. It does not matter whether a job involves the work of only a few hours or several years.

By the way: If you'd like to more about the people behind Lutat Technology, visit the personal profile of the company's founder at!
There is great potential in underwater tourism. But in order to make the underwater world conveniently accessible for a broad part of the population either costly diving courses or extremely expensive submarines are necessary.

The manufacturing costs can be significantly reduced through a permanent connection of the submarine to the water surface.

Unfortunately, it has not been possible to secure the follow-up financing for the construction of the prototype.

We have consequently been pursuing the concept of a low-cost passenger submarine ever since.

The resulting optimization of the price-performance ratio will be presented at the beginning of 2008. It is now possible for the first time to achieve a cost price of 150.000 € for a 8 person module. Accordingly, pricing for the tickets can be the same as for „ordinary“ cruise boats. The start of the prototype’s construction is planned for the middle of 2008.

For further information on this and other underwater projects, visit our References section!
In order to boost our students’ motivation we have participated in a NASA construction contest, which was concerned with the construction of a space elevator.

Space elevator

What first started as a drawing exercise, fascinated and motivated more than 100 students, trainees, training workshops and sponsors after a year of intensive work. An enormous amount of energy was set free by the idea than one day it would really be possible to travel into space along a rope and that one can actually make a small contribution to an extraordinary project.

Over a hundred solar cells were irradiated by a multiplicity of illuminated 18 kW floodlights, which are normally only used in the movie industry, so that the elevator was moved along a crane test distance of 50m. Finally, there was the successful presentation of our work in the USA. Competing with universities and engineering offices, we managed to make a third place.

Apart from an enormous press response (student page, the contest has inspired a remarkable boost of motivation which has lead to an expansion of the project work e.g. with regard to the teaching of drawing skills.

For further information on this and other space projects, visit our References section!

rainwater usage

In recent years, rainwater has been increasingly used for private households. We have supported one of the leading manufacturers of systems for rainwater usage ( on several occasions within the scope of partial projects for further development of the product range.

For further information on this and other cleantech projects, visit our References section!

Energy counseling

Moreover, we offer you support in minimizing your energy consumption and, if this should be necessary, in conducting contract negotiations with your current provider companies.
Dogs with hip joint diseases are increasingly treated by using underwater treadmills.

Unfortunately, transportation of the sick animal to the therapy location is often problematic. Therefore, we have developed and manufactured a mobile water therapy treadmill for a client.

For further information on this and other animal health projects, visit our References section!
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